Bill and get paid faster

Automate your billing process. Your client can accept and pay their quotes or invoices right away online !

  • Create quote and invoice directly from an existing client's record
  • Accept online payment such as credit card or PayPal
  • Send invoice instantly via email

Easy invoice follow up

OnlineVille helps you organize your invoice follow up by conveniently showing invoice statuses and tracking late payments

  • Invoice status: know when your client sees your invoice or owes you money
  • Send invoices by email
  • Late payment reminders are sent automatically

Work in the cloud: Archive safe & secure

Never worry again about recovering your data when your harddrive breaks or your computer has been stolen: all your documents are backed up and securely hosted in the cloud.

  • Your data are always safe in our datacenters
  • Securely access your data from any online connection or smartphone
  • Export your data when needed

Integrated CRM & Marketing

No need to move your client's data around: Manage all your clients and billings in a single place !

  • Make your client database centralized and sharable within your staff
  • Access your client data "on the field"
  • Create and assign tasks related to a given client (calls, jobs)
  • Filter your clients by multiple factors, previous purchases etc...
  • Create e-mailings and track important stats (opening rate, click thru, orders etc...)

Build presentation or e-commerce sites by yourself !

Create websites in 1 click, everything is included (hosting, web address, online editor).

  • Full e-commerce website
  • Sell in multi-currency, multilingual
  • Orders and users are automatically linked to your CRM and billing
  • Optimized for Google and Facebook

And much more

OnlineVille offers a variety of useful additional services for entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Online Documents
    Secure your documents on your private intranet or conveniently share them with your clients staff or clients.
  • Domain name management
    Manage all your domains at any registrars and simply configure all their aspects (A, CNAME, MX etc...).
  • Extensions
    Use the API and Webhooks to easily develop external applications directly accessing data on your account.