New Internal Messaging module

September 14, 2012 6:53 PM by Samuel Charmetant

OnlineVille platform finally has a fully integrated messaging!

We just deployed the internal messaging module for individual accounts and business accounts. Close to a webmail in terms of use, this module can meet our need for security and reliability when we send a message to a customer, supplier, or when you contact the company's support staff.

Two essential uses covered:

  • Support platform / ticketing 
    Visitors on your site can send secure messages from the contact page on your site. Messages created are automatically stored in the MESSAGES section of your administration interface. The visitor info are in turn stored in the CONTACTS section. This way, it is very easy for authorized employees to respond to incoming messages, see previous answers, access all contact details (invoices, quotes, related tasks). 
  • Private Message 
    From the MESSAGES section, we can write to any contact person or company with an email address. The answers are archived and presented as "conversation thread", just like gmail. This use is also related to private messaging on forums. In addition, all emails available CONTACTS section are now clickable and can create a message to the corresponding recipient with a single click!

Numerous other features to come:

As a first step, the module offers some features that we considered essential (eg: mark as read / unread,  delete / restore conversation, save as draft). We will now work to expand this module with more advanced features for message classifications, rules messaging etc ...