About Us

OnlineVille was created in 2009 by Samuel Charmetant (Manager) and Yann Sarazin (CTO), with the aim of making services accessible to all.

One interface, all services

Our vision is to offer the general public and professionals (independents, freelances, self-entrepreneurs, small businesses and SMEs), a set of services that are both:

  • All integrateds
  • Very easy to use
  • Very affordable

We are constantly striving to streamline processes upstream to allow a steep learning curve on our software, our approach is also focused on controlling costs of production and operation, so as to offer our customers the most in term of cost / power ratio.

A service that grows with users

Our services now account 200 000 users (50% in Europe, 30% in North America, 20% in the rest of the world). The experience we acquire every day working with our members enables us to test, validate and correct our concepts in order to offer a service platform in line with the expectations of today users.

OnlineVille Brands include:

  • Artmajeur™
    With nearly 2 million original art for sale on the site, this online art gallery offered in 18 international languages ​is a leader among artist websites market.
  • OnlineSite
    a 100% SaaS software for creating sites with management shop. Offered currently in Beta, it is opened gradually to pilot customers such as excellent sports books publisher Les Editions Amphora.

In the medium term, our platform will allow any connected user to create a website, share documents online, manage contacts or customer, billing and accounting. On a broader view, the idea is to be able to manage most commercial aspects of one's small business very easily, with a Marketing + Ordering / billing + Accounting fully integrated and automated.

OnlineVille at OnlineVille

Confident in the quality of our platform, it is natural that we in fact are among its early adopters: All tools developed for our clients are the ones we use ourselves whether for site creation, business management (quotes, billing), customer management and accounting.

Resolutely carried on innovation to customer service, we are seeking partners & investors to help us in our development. In this context we are attentive to collaboration proposals whether for a single investment or a strategic partnership.